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“Little steps, become feet and feet become miles over the years.” Thus, it has been with Guru Nanak Academy. Over the years the school has had its twists and turns but now after all its moments, the school has grown to become a prestigious institution in the field of education, providing an overall development to the students under its umbrella.

It is indeed an honour and privilege to be the leader at the helm of a school which is celebrating its Golden Jubilee.

Since the time of my joining, I have witnessed the school grow from strength to strength. It was fifty years ago under the patronage of Gyani Gurbachan Singh and other luminaries that the school began to take shape. It is thanks to their dedication and hard work, the vision of our Chairman, Mr. Harcharan Singh Pasricha and the guidance of previous principals that the school has grown to become what it is today.

In an endeavour to give the students an overall holistic education, we have revived and

implemented such activities as debates, elocution and drama. We have also nominated a

student body consisting of the Head Boy and Head Girl as well as the Captains and Vice

Captains of the four houses to assist the teachers in activities and discipline. This has been done with the view of inculcating a sense of responsibility in the students and grooming them for global citizenship.

It must be remembered that a great school is a place where students study and prepare for life; a competent school covers the syllabus and prepares for examinations; a good school does better, also helping students secure the necessary grades to get into universities of their choice, while acquiring life skills that are valued by future employer.

However, the very best schools do far more to bring out the best in students, helping them be good and loyal friends, moulding their character and establishing values that have life long relevance. It is this that Guru Nanak Academy strives to make sure that our students are imbibed with all the best values that make a great human being.

We at Guru Nanak believe in the tenets of Guru Nanak Devji, that is “Naam Japna;” “Kirat Karna” and “Vand Chhakkna.” and we do our best to live up to the school’s motto: “Truth is High; Higher still is truthful living.”

I take this opportunity to wish all my staff, students, parents and the G.N.A. community at large a very happy Golden Jubilee.